The research service

Besides the online version researchers can use the Windows based Katiha program in the research room of the National Archives in Mikkeli. So all information that has been entered into Karjala Database from the late 1600s up to the year 1950 is available to use in Mikkeli.

Using the program Katiha (as well as its online version), you can search for information for use both in genealogy and in other population history research, since you also can search for people based on their place of residence or occupation. You can also view the search results by volume, i.e. search for any information about a person that can be found in a certain volume.

Historical material in the database which is more than 100 years old, can also be found on the website of the Genealogy Society of Finland.


Research topics

Examples of research topics where the Karjala database can be used as a source:

1. Name Stocks Research

2. Migration

3. Social History

4. Population History Research

5. Personal History

Depending on the research topic, records such as; court records, tax records, maps, etc. can be good research material in addition to the parish church books´ information on the population. The National Archives in Mikkeli offer many good research sources, including municipal archives of the ceded areas.

Katiha person search

Karjala Database was opened to the public on 11.3.2004 in Mikkeli, when the Katiha person search program was made public in the Municipal Archives of Mikkeli. Since then, researchers can reserve usage time from the Municipal Archives to the computer where the Karjala database is installed. The use of the information is free of charge if the researcher is able to use the database without help. Niko Kainulainen programmed the Katiha person search software.