The Karjala Database foundation

The operations of Karjala Database is maintained by the Karjala Database foundation. The foundation´s purpose is to promote the availablity of population register information from the ceded Karelia for research, to promote research on the Karelian population and to support the archive administration´s operations.

The city of Mikkeli, the Finnish Karelian League, and representatives from University of Eastern Finland, from University of Jyväskylä, from the Finnish Ecumenical Council, from the National Archives of Finland, from the Genealogy Society of Finland and from the Population Register Centre serve as members of the board of the Foundation.


Aki Kauranen, the Strategy and Development Manager of Mikkeli City is the chairman of the Karjala Database Foundation, aki.kauranen (at)


Vice Chairman

Tytti Voutilainen from the National Archives in Mikkeli is the vice chairman of the Karjala Database Foundation, tytti.voutilainen (at)


Other members of the board

In addition to the chairman and the vice chairman, the Karjala Database Foundation board in 2018 consists of :

The consultant members of the Karjala Database Foundation:

Karjala Database

The Karjala Database foundation

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