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The Karjala Database Foundation operating in Mikkeli produces and offers adb based population registration material for scientific research and genealogy. Information from church records in the ceded Karelia is fed into the Katiha program database created and maintained by the foundation.

KATIHA, the online version of the program Katiha, contains information from a period up to, and including, the year 1913. Excluded from this century-old publication limit are the lists of the dead and buried. These lists contain information regarding the period up to and including the year 1950, when the so-called transfer parishes were discontinued. There used to be about 70 Karelian transfer parishes. The oldest church book material is from the late 17th century and the newest material from 1949.

The Karjala database serves many different kinds of research and improves access to church records that are sometimes very difficult to read. Information in the database can be used for history research, medical genetics, social sciences, and family and name stocks research. The database is excellently suited for research in family structures, migratory movements or child mortality. The database also offers excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

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